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Zoom’s Identity Reveal Seems To Be Close in New ‘The Flash’ Trailer

The Flash Season 2 continues to be firing on all cylinders.

While the identity of Zoom has been the central mystery to the season so far, it looks like that might soon be revealed according to a new trailer released by The CW.

I’ve theorized all along that Henry Allen’s Earth-2 counterpart would end up being Zoom but a few episodes back, Jay Garrick’s Earth- 1 doppelganger was referred to as Hunter Zolomon. That, of course, is the name given to Zoom in DC Comics pre-New 52. As soon as that happened, I thought it was all a misdirect and that Jay Garrick, who originates on Earth-2 in the show, would somehow end up being revealed as Zoom. That theory seems to have been squashed due to last week’s episode where Jay was defending Central City as Zoom was on Earth-2 dealing with Barry. So maybe Jay’s Earth-1 double really is Zoom but that seems way to obvious and very anti-climactic.

The trailer also shows the return of King Shark, some more Killer Frost and some footage of Diggle and Layla from Arrow making a guest appearance.

Check it out above and let us know your theory on Zoom’s identity in the comments below.


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