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The Best Spook Games of 2021

It is the spookiest time of the year, once again, so it’s time to get your scary games on. Today, we’re presenting a list of some of the spookiest games of the 2021 season. 

The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes

So far, Supermassive’s The Dark Pictures series of games have been relatively lackluster, especially in comparison to their breakout hit Until Dawn. Part of this has been an attempt to ground the horror in the first two games in the Anthology. 

Thankfully, House of Ashes goes full on paranormal with the threat in this game. Without going too far into spoilers, there’s a point where you realize what you are up against and then the game keeps going further into supernatural explanations. It feels like they’re making up for some of the grounded horror of the first two games, which is extremely welcome. 

The setting of Iraq in 2003 definitely presents some problems, especially with attempts to “both sides” the Iraq war, but by the end of the game it feels like Supermassive is trying to fix the issue they created early in their narrative. While not as big of a blockbuster as Until Dawn, House of Ashes presents a welcome return to supernatural horror.

Forgive Me Father 

(A code for Forgive Me Father was provided by the publisher for review)

Forgive Me Father falls more in line with spooky action than outright horror. However, if you’re looking for a creepy first person shooter this Halloween, you should look no further. 

Forgive Me Father has you playing as a priest tasked with shooting through hordes of demonically possessed people. The comic-book art style is brightly lit, presenting the monsters in all their gory glory. The art style looks phenomenal and the 2D-3D models (think Duke Nukem or the original Doom) feel extremely creepy. Enemies wielding a second head might swap them out after you’ve destroyed their first head with a head shot. Exploding barrels may come to life and try to throw themselves at you. It all feels alien but once you’re in the action, there’s a definite speed to all the combat encounters that makes them feel challenging.

While the game launched in Early Access, if the quality on display continues through the full release, this is one horror themed shooter you’d be crazy to avoid.


If you like WarioWare but feel like it’s missing both gore and a cute story about three skeleton brothers, then Spookware has you set. 

The three aforementioned skeleton brothers set out on a journey to not be bored to death. Along the way, they join a band, solve a murder, and run a resturant, all while playing a series of gory mini-games. The juxtaposition of the cute story and the gory mini-games is genuinely charming and feels like the game is trying to be more than just a WarioWare clone. 

While the game can be completed in under 4 hours, it also promises to be the first episode in a series. Plus, if you’re looking for a challenge, you can play all of the mini-games in a row after you’ve completed them. 

Spookware is not to be missed if you’re into spooky themed humor.


(A key for Chernobylite was provided by the publisher for review)

Chernobylite is a monstrous walk through the irradiated zone of Chernobyl. You play as a researcher, trying to capture a mysterious element. As you play, you need to avoid monsters and humans, as well as keep your base of operations stocked up. Keeping your team safe and sane is critical to being able to take on more risky assignments.

Chernobylite definitely has that air of creepiness that many Eastern European game devs seem to capture so effectively. While not on the same level of horror as something like S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Chernobylite’s blend of stealth and action keeps you on your toes and planning out missions gives you a real sense of dread.


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