Review Score Guide

Pixel Related’s Review Guide

We at Pixel Related are dedicated to ensuring that you understand everything that goes on here. As a result, we’ve created this handy little guide to help you understand our review scores. We grade everything out of ten and do not use decimals in grading, to ensure that there will be no confusion.

Ten out of Ten: Ten out of ten doesn’t mean that a product is perfect, but it’s as close to perfect as one can be. It does what it is trying to do better than almost anything else in the field. You absolutely must own this and you’ll likely talk about it for years to come.

Nine out of Ten: A fantastic product with a few minor flaws. They’re practically unnoticeable, however, and detract practically nothing from the experience. Still fantastic and you have no reason to skip out on this.

Eight out of Ten: Again, this product has some minor flaws to it that are noticeable. However, they don’t interfere too much with your enjoyment of the product.

Seven out of Ten: There are quite a few flaws that you’ll notice here. While there might be a great idea in an item, it could easily be much better.

Six out of Ten: A fairly average product, but it has something special to it. It’s not enough to make it stand out too much, but it’s a good baseline for what could come.

Five out of Ten: Average. Nothing really stands out for better or worse. This is something you’ll likely forget about within a week or two.

Four out of Ten: This thing isn’t too good. It’s not quite average and can become downright frustrating at times. It’s hardly the least offensive thing out there but there are substantially better products for your time and money.

Three out of Ten: Here’s where things start to get bad. There’s nothing that stands out with this item and what it does it does poorly. It could be worse, but not by much.

Two out of Ten: This thing is just bad. It does almost nothing right and can become extremely frustrating. You’ll leave unsatisfied.

One out of Ten: If a product is technically usable but it does nothing right, it ends up here. One’s are the worst something can get so long as it technically “works.” You’ll leave angry and upset for weeks over it.

Zero out of Ten: If a product is flat out busted and is unable to work whatsoever, it winds up here. Not only did you waste time and money, but you literally were able to get nothing out of it.


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