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We appreciate every single person who has ever read anything we’ve done or heard any of our podcasts!! Seriously, we love you guys. If you would like to help support the site/show and help us keep on the lights here at Pixel Related, there are a few ways you can.

The first way is the easiest and cheapest! You can LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, RATE, SHARE, FOLLOW and LEAVE A REVIEW on any podcast service you listen on. This helps us reach new listeners and grow the show! Share any reviews you’ve submitted with us via Twitter or via email, and we’ll give you a shout out on an episode of the podcast.

You can do that at the following links:

The second way is to spend a few bucks at our TeePublic Store. We have a few tees for sale but you can also buy smaller items like stickers, magnets, or pins. Any purchase would be appreciated and go towards maintaining the site.

Another way is using our Stitcher Premium affiliate code for one free month of the service. Stitcher Premium has thousands of ad-free podcasts, exclusive podcasts series, comedy specials and more. You can try out the service by going here and clicking on ‘START FREE TRIAL.’ Enter the code ‘PIXEL‘ at checkout.

If you would like to help out monetarily, you can also donate $1 (or more!) to the site by clicking below. 

Once again, we love all you guys!! Any support would be appreciated and go a long way to keeping Pixel Related around for a long time to come!!

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