Gustavo Ramirez – Managing Editor / Public Relations Manager

Gus started gaming back on the NES and has been hooked ever since. He loves all things DC Comics, Mass Effect and Gears of War related. He spends most his time playing Overwatch, Destiny and Titanfall 2.


Addam Kearney – Editor-in-Chief 

Addam was raised on a steady diet of NES games. Then, after a long hiatus from gaming, he triumphantly returned. In his spare time, he is screaming whenever Monday Night Raw is on.


Kyle Orr – Associate Editor

Kyle has been playing games his entire life from the days of the Atari and the NES to the current generation. These days he tries (usually unsuccessfully) to split his time evenly between consoles and PC gaming. He loves almost every type of game and is known for finding a bright spot in even the worst games.


4 thoughts on “Staff

  1. I would like to formally object to my lack of inclusion on this web site’s staff page and demand that this oversight be remedied. I mean, what does a guy have to do, actually WRITE for you?


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