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Raiser Games Giving Away Game For Free In Support of #StayAtHome

Games publisher Raiser Games will today throw its weight behind the growing online campaign to encourage people to fight the spread of COVID-19 by isolating at home.

With much of the world on enforced lockdown and the likes of the UK government now advising citizens to refrain from visiting pubs, cafes, and theatres from today onwards, the need for people to stay at home is universally accepted as a vital tool in preventing the current COVID-19 pandemic from escalating further.

Outside of working hours, however, the temptation to head out for some form of entertainment remains high. As such, today Raiser Games will make one of its most popular releases – online multiplayer shooter Goat of Duty – available for all to download for free for the next two weeks.

The decision was made based on the experiences of both those at Raiser Games itself – based in Spain –  as well as the game’s Italian developer 34BigThings.

“In Spain and particularly in Italy, lockdowns on public movement in order to slow down to spread of COVID-19 have been in place for some time,” said Ivano Zanchetta, Goat of Duty’s Game Director. “It’s a proven method to stem the rise in new cases, as plenty of people may have COVID-19 and be entirely unaware, passing it on to other, more vulnerable people unknowingly while out and about. If having a game to play when people are at home relaxes them at what is a stressful time for everyone, then we’re happy to play out part.”

According to Sergio de Benito, Raiser Game’s Head of Marketing, the video games industry has a bigger role to play here than many may immediately consider. “Giving people something to do while they’re at home – whether to keep their spirits up or to keep them from heading out – is a genuine priority right now, and publishers can and should do their part when it’s financially viable for them to do so.”

Goat of Duty
 will be available to download for free from 10am PST/1pm ET/5pm GMT/6pm CET.


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