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‘Rainbow Six: Siege’ Friend Referral Program Announced


Ubisoft has announced a Friend Referral Program for owners of  Rainbow Six Siege on PC.

Starting now, all existing Windows PC players can give up to four friends full access to the game by visiting You can play 5 vs 5 multiplayer, Tettorist Hunt or your friends can go solo because the entire game will be free to them for this weekend.

Here’s the info you need to know.

  • Existing PC players can visit right now to receive four referral keys
  • Recruits can start pre-loading the game as of now, through Uplay.
  • Free weekend access begins Friday, December 18, 3:01 pm PST and lasts through Sunday, December 20, 9:01 pm PST.
  • Each recruit who redeems a key will reward referrers with a 24-hour Renown Boost that they will receive shortly after the program ends.
  • Recruits who decide to purchase the full game will receive a 25% discount from the Uplay Shop and keep their in-game progression.

For more information about Rainbow Six Siege, you can check out the game’s official site.


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