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Noir Detective Game ‘Interrogation: Deceived’ Launches Today on iOS and Android

Mixtvision today launched Interrogation: Deceived by Critique Gaming, its popular police procedural game about ethics, morality, radicalisation and the nature of authority, on iOS and Android platforms. Assuming the role of a detective tasked with stopping a cloak and dagger terrorist cell, you must navigate tense interrogation scenes and solve hard conversational puzzles through psychological manipulation.

Launching with the mobile version, Interrogation: Deceived features a brand new “Visual Novel” mode, which provides a more relaxed gaming experience without the constant fear of failure, as this mode offers the whole story without a failure state should you make unwise decisions in your effort to prevent a terrorist attack. The Visual Novel mode joins the two already implemented difficulty settings, the moderately difficult Detective Mode – which offers tips and an increased budget – and the extra tough Interrogation Challenge, which leaves you to your own devices as you grill suspects and manage the police department’s limited resources.

“We’re excited to offer mobile gamers the full Interrogation experience, which they can tailor to their preferred play style, as we know that playing on the go sometimes begs a more casual experience”, said Andrei Olaru from developer Critique Gaming. “Likewise we know that our established PC community will enjoy a more relaxed, guided experience from time to time.”

Interrogation: Deceived is a narratively immersive convo-puzzle game that challenges common preconceptions about highly relevant contemporary subjects like terrorism, police brutality and the power imbalances between citizens, the state and large corporations. As a police detective you must manage a special anti-terrorism taskforce charged with bringing down The Liberation Front, a sinister organization threatening the very structure of society.

Exercise your management skills in balancing your cases, team and budget, as well as the reputation of the police force as a whole. With multiple world-defining endings, every decision you make has its consequence in this immersive noir detective scenario where you must solve deep conversational puzzles with over 35 different suspects. Practice psychological manipulation in order to gain the knowledge you seek from the suspects and remember that your decisions hold power over not only their fate but yours and the city’s. Prepare yourself, you will be deceived.


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