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Nine Minutes of ‘Liberated’ Gameplay Released

Publisher Walkabout Games have released nine minutes of brand new direct feed gameplay of Liberated, its playable graphic novel that is set to release on Nintendo Switch in 2020 followed by a release on Steam and GOG.

In Liberated, players progress panel by panel, switching between action, stealth, puzzles, and a comic book story full of player-led choices. Liberated is set in a near-future, tech-noir society slipping into the throes of authoritarianism. Powered by corporations and enabled by new technology, join the fight against state-driven misinformation. As government surveillance and weaponised personal data have painted the world in shades of grey, knowing where to draw the line between revolution and terrorism has never been more paramount.

In this footage, you’ll see the main character Barry Edwards being taken to the headquarters of the mysterious insurgent group “Liberated” after being intercepted by one of its members. The video shows off the seamless transitions between storytelling and gameplay, as told through Barry’s first infiltration mission, including some precision shooting and an exciting driving segment.


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