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PREVIEW: Archie vs. Predator 2 #3

Today, we have an early preview of ARCHIE VS. PREDATOR 2 #3.

A horror/sci-fi/comedy by writer Alex de Campi with art by Robert Hack, colors by Kelly Fitzpatrick, and letters by Jack Morelli, ARCHIE VS. PREDATOR 2 is a direct sequel to the hit 2015 crossover. Issue #3 is set to go on sale on October 23rd.

Riverdale High is on lockdown while a group of new Predators and Predadogs menace the halls during the Halloween Dance. They’re on the search for Archie-Predator and they don’t care who stands in their way. It’s up to Archie and his pals (both new and old) to stand up to this terrifying threat—but do they have what it takes?

You can check out the various covers and some of the artwork below.


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