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2.5D Platformer ‘Fallback’ Releasing Oct. 11

Independent game studio ENDROAD — founded by former Ubisoft and Amplitude Studios veterans — have announced that their premier title, Fallback — a 2.5D rogue-like action platformer with a deep and diverse skill-tree — will launch for Windows PC via Steam on October 11. In Fallback, players must guide their jet-pack equipped post-apocalyptic volunteers through a labyrinthine underground complex by jumping, dodging, and battling against robot minions (and masters) to get to the surface — and bring life back to the scorched Earth. Navigate a procedurally generated perspective-shifting world where the camera creates a unique 2.5-dimensional feel and visual style.

“Fallback is a truly exciting and immersive visual experience,” said Florian Le Gouriellec, Co-Founder of ENDROAD. “The way our world rotates to adapt to the player’s movements is a visual treat, and the expansive character skill tree combined with procedurally created worlds ensures the player a fresh experience with every play-through.”

The story of Fallback follows a group of rebels attempting to escape the underworld and bring life (and Humanity) back to the long-abandoned surface. After a terrifying cataclysmic event, humanity retreated to the safety of an enormous underground bunker constructed by the mysterious Vesta Corporation. In order to ensure the facility is well-maintained and the remnants of humanity are cared for, Vesta has stocked the subterranean safe house with an army of robotic caretakers. Fast forward hundreds of years to the present, and what’s left of the human population yearns to return home — taking with them a bioengineered plant that promises to bring life back to the surface. Choosing to reject the hapless humans’ request for freedom, these cybernetic custodians will try their best to make sure the humans remain underground under lock and key. In order to break the icy grip of their robotic overlords, a scrappy group of rebels have banded together, strapped on their jetpacks, and are ready to fight their way out and reclaim the Earth — one metallic monster at a time

Check out the official Fallback announcement trailer below.


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