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‘Frostpunk’ Roadmap of FREE Content Revealed by 11 bit studios

Frostpunk developers, 11 bit studios are announcing what’s to come for the game in 2018 and beyond in this handy roadmap being revealed today! Far from being done for content, the devs had this to say about Frostpunk’s future plans;

“The City has survived but that’s not the end of the journey – we are ready for further expeditions. This development road map will give you the idea of where Frostpunk is heading in 2018. We have planned some substantial content updates – unlocking new modes, tools and scenarios – on top of continuous technical patches which will arrive when necessary. It should go without saying that all of those are going to be FREE updates. And we have even more stuff planned for 2019…”

Starting with a new SURVIVOR mode set to release in June, here’s a look at the entire road map for the rest of the year. Besides that first new mode, no tentative dates are attached to the new additions.

Frostpunk debuted as the top selling game globally on Steam and has continued to be one of the bestsellers on PC in the weeks since release. The game deftly mixes the city-builder and survival genres to create the first society survival game.

For more on Frostpunk, be sure to listen to our latest episode of the podcast.


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