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TOP 5 Reveals From ‘Arrow’ Season 6 Premiere


After a couple of downer seasons, Season 5 of Arrow rejuvenated the series last year. Season 6 debuted last night on the CW and got off to a fantastic start. Following the events of last season’s finale, the biggest question we had going into this season was who survived the explosions that covered Lian Yu. Having jumped forward five months into the future, not only was that question answered, but we also got quite a few reveals during the run time of the episode. While all are not game changing, some look likely to impact the series for a while to come.

5) Wild Dog has a new suit

So obviously this isn’t as big a reveal as the rest on the list but it is in fact important. This update to Rene’s suit is the first of any update I can remember for the Wild Dog character. So with that being said, the show is really in uncharted territories in that regard. Wild Dog started appearing in his trademark jersey and hockey mask last season when he was a bit of a wildcard. I think from a character standpoint, it makes sense. Now that Rene has spent a year on the team, it’s only natural that his outfit would mirror the rest of the squad as they become a closer unit. It will be interesting to see how Wild Dog continues to evolve in this universe.

4) Oliver is now a full time dad

We learn early on in the episode that William’s mother was a casualty on Lian Yu. With her dying words, she wanted to make sure that Oliver would take care of him. Even with the help of full time nanny Raisa, having a child around is always going to be a game changer for a superhero. Add in the fact that William still blames Oliver for the death of his mother and that previously Oliver was not that involved in William’s life at all, this really could impact the series for the rest of its duration.

3) Quentin killed Black Siren

Early on, it’s revealed that the antagonist for the episode is Black Siren, Laurel Lance (Quentin’s daughter) from Earth 2. When this is figured out, the team seems confused because according to Dinah and Quentin, they found Black Siren dead under rubble following the explosions on Lian Yu. It’s made pretty clear that they are not being entirely truthful about what happened on the island. It is then revealed that Quentin actually shot Black Siren who was about to slit the throat of Dinah. Of course, Quentin’s sobriety has been a major plot point in previous seasons for the show. Now even though Black Siren is not his “daughter,” can you imagine what that would do to a person? It will be interesting to see how they interact for the rest of the season. And yeah, you read that whole paragrpah right. He did kill her but she was indeed the main baddie here. Black Siren was seen being mysteriously resurrected (Damien Darhk, maybe?) in a flashback (another surprising reveal) to the island and seems to be holding a grudge.

2) Thea is in a coma

Oliver’s sister Thea has always been a major character in this universe. Being the only family he had after the death of his father and murder of his mother, he was always very protective of her; even when she donned the mantle of Speedy in the show and fought along side him. Thea was found in a heap on the ground after the explosion on the island by Oliver and Slade. It was shot in a way to imply that she was dead but later revealed that she was in a coma when Oliver steps into a hospital room to be by her side. Thea became a bit of a background character for most of last season and it seems that if this coma lasts a while, that will be the case for this season as well. Hopefully this can be used as a way to recruit Roy (Arsenal) back on the team to fill her role and be by her side if her time is indeed up. But I’m going to guess that she’ll make it, one way or another.

1) Oliver outed as the Green Arrow

The biggest reveal of the night happened at the very end of the episode. Oliver gets a call from Felicity to turn on the news and he is greeted with a picture of him in his Green Arrow outfit with the hood down. Of course, Oliver has been accused of being the Arrow twice throughout the run of the series. It will be interesting to see how he gets out of it this time or if he will finally come clean and let the city know the truth, like fans have wanted for a while. I have been looking forward to the day that Oliver could openly be the mayor by day and Green Arrow by night. Either way it goes down, this of course will impact the rest of the series significantly.

So there you have it. These are my favorite reveals from the Arrow Season 6 premiere. Agree?? Disagree?? Vote in our poll below to let us know your favorite.


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