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Slots #1 Review: Take A Chance

Stanley Dance is a former boxer who is down on his luck.

He’s looking for redemption but isn’t above taking a free meal where he can. Reduced to living out of a trailer, he’s on his way back to good ol’ Las Vegas because an old friend needs his help. He wasn’t planning on ever setting foot in that town again; he’s not exactly welcome there anymore. For what reasons, we’ll probably soon find out. It’s clear that Stanley is a risk taker, some might even say he’s an asshole. A bit charming, a bit care free and a bit of a con man, you know his luck is about to run out but the reasons why aren’t exactly clear at the moment.

Slots is the brain child of Dan Panosian, a long-time veteran of the comics industry. Known for mostly his artwork, Panosian is not only responsible for the artwork in Slots but for the writing as well. Having never read anything he’s written before, I came away pleasantly surprised at the writing’s pace and smoothness. It’s incredibly easy to follow and conveys character traits with ease. Writing the first issue in any series can be tricky. Dealing with exposition as well as furthering along a story can be problematic but it’s handled here very nicely. You get a sense of who these characters are but are left with many questions concerning their backstories and motivations.

What we do know is that Stanley was called back to the city because he owes a favor to an old friend named Betsy. The details surrounding their relationship is anyone’s guess at the moment. In no time Stanley is reunited with some other old associates while a scheme seems to be coming together. Its exact nature is still a mystery as Stanley has one last reunion of sorts towards the story’s end.

Slots is definitely a title that I’ll be keeping my eyes on. Panosian seems to have found something personal here that he can mold into something unique; a journey through Sin City taking chances, riding your luck all while living (and dying) with the consequences.

SCORE: 8.5 OUT OF 10

An advance copy of Slots #1 was provided to Pixel Related for review.

WRITER: Dan Panosian

ARTIST: Dan Panosian

LETTERER: Pat Brosseau

PUBLISHER: Image Comics & Skybound Entertainment

PUBLISHED: Oct. 4, 2017

PRICE: $3.99


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