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Oculus Rift Pre-Orders to Open on January 6


The Oculus Team has just announced that pre-orders for their VR Headset will go live on 8am Pacific Time on January 6.

The following statement was posted on the company’s official blog:

Today, we’re excited to announce that pre-orders for Rift will open on at 8am Pacific Time on January 6! We’ll be sharing everything you need to know to order your Rift on Wednesday when pre-orders go live. As a reminder, every Rift comes bundled with Lucky’s Tale by Playful, and we’re also including CCP’s EVE: Valkyrie for free with every pre-order!

This is going to be an exciting week for VR, so Oculus founder Palmer Luckey will be answering all your questions during a Reddit AMA this Wednesday, January 6 at 6pm Pacific Time. We look forward to hearing from you.

Stay tuned for more updates this week. We can’t wait to share what’s coming next!

No word on how much the Oculus Rift will be selling for at the moment. I’m sure this might be brought up a few times during the Reddit AMA on Wednesday.

Let us know if you plan on pre-ordering this badboy in the comments below.


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