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Over The Moon Games Shares Some Info on ‘The Fall 2’


Over The Moon Games’ John Warner has taken to their official blog to share some information on how development for The Fall 2 is going.

It is promised to be the first in a series of short blog posts breaking down his goals for the sequel to his indie/sci-fi, Asimov-inspired adventure. According to Warner, The Fall 2 will definitely star ARID, the artificial intelligence onboard a high-tech combat suit who was the protagonist of the original game.

Part 2 of The Fall will continue ARID’s story, because to us, she’s now in a very interesting place.  What will happen to her?  What will she do about it?  How does she see the world, now that her understanding of herself has changed?  The story of The Fall is just getting started, and so is ARID’s journey. However. Is ARID the only character in the story? Maybe. Maybe not.

Warner then goes on to comment on what we should expect in regards to the size of the world ARID will be exploring.

As she moves forward into part 2, you can expect to learn more about The Fall’s world and its inhabitants. We want to give ARID bigger, more interesting challenges, and that means putting her in a bigger, more interesting world. How many other AI’s are in this world? What are the humans like?

The post finishes up by just mentioning some of Warner’s and Writer Caleb Allard’s overall goals for the sequel.

The Fall is about exploration, and that doesn’t mean much if what you’re exploring isn’t unexpected.  One of our top goals is to put players in very unusual, thought provoking situations, and Caleb and I have been hard at work designing challenges and circumstances that we think you’ll never expect.  Of all things in part 1, I’m most proud of our efforts to merge puzzle design with the story; we really want players to be given challenges that are strange, creative, unsettling, and above all else, allow us to share some really fun ideas with our story.

We really loved The Fall here at Pixel Related. Here’s to hoping the sequel comes out just as great.

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