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‘Journey’ Probably, Maybe Coming To PS4 on July 21


According to a listing on the Docs For Playstation site, Journey could be set to release on the PS4 on July 21.

The site has that date listed for its release as well as game guides and manuals for the game. It also lists the name of the game as Journey Beta meaning the game could possibly be in beta already or the July 21 date could be referring to the release of that instead. Either way, it seems the port of thatgamecompany’s PS3 darling is close to being complete.

Journey was initially supposed to release on the PS4 in 2014. It seems Tricky Pixels, the company in charge of porting the game, needed more time to complete the process. I guess those pixels were indeed tricky……I know, I know. Horrible joke but I had to try.

Check out the PS4 trailer for the game below.


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