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‘Mother’ Soundtrack Being Released on Vinyl Through Kickstarter

mother_kickstarter A record label called Ship to Shore PhonoCo. has launched a Kickstarter campaign to release the Mother Official Soundtrack for the first time outside of Japan. And on vinyl no less!

The soundtrack to Mother (Earthbound Zero) differs from most video game soundtracks due to the fact that composers Hirokazu Tanaka (Metroid, Kid Icarus) and Keiichi Suzuki (Tokyo Godfathers) went with full orchestrated versions of the songs as opposed to ripping them directly from the game. Some even contained English vocals from various European musicians, including Louis Philippe, Jeb Million, The St. Paul’s Cathedral Choir and Catherine Warwick.

Rewards being offered include some nice looking art prints (gallery above), stickers, pins and liner note booklets with additional information on the record from the original recording artists. There were also offering 500 early bird translucent red colored vinyls which seem to have been all claimed at the moment. The goal is to produce at least 2,000 copies in total of this limited edition record. Ship to Store is promising that any additional funding above the $42,000 goal will be used to press more records to fulfill demand. Here’s the track list for the double LP album. mother_ost_tracklisting While the majority of the album will be orchestrated music, the D side contains a track called “The World of Mother” which will be a medley of 8-bit music straight from the Famicom game. This seems like it will be a really great addition to any die hard Mother fans. Let us know if you plan on contributing to this Kickstarter in the comments below.


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