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Dog Eat Dog Games Bringing Roguelike Space Shooter ‘Stellar’ To PAX South


Independent game developer Dog Eat Dog Games has announced that it’s roguelike space shooter Stellar will be released for PC in 2016 with a pre-alpha build being playable at PAX South on Friday, January 23 through Sunday, January 25.

Stellar promises to “seamlessly blend a procedurally generated cosmos with 3D and 2D action-packed dogfighting.” The universe of Stellar will feature numerous solar systems, each procedurally populated with asteroids, meteor showers and hundreds of planets. Each world inhabited by its own alien race who have spent thousands of years developing their own powerful weapons and spacecraft. Players are tasked with exploiting each race’s weaknesses, which lead to boss battles that unlock custom ships and weapons for further exploration of the universe when completed.

“Like many of my generation I grew up playing 2D space shooters. I love the engaging 3D experiences modern space games provide, but miss the dynamic combat of the classics,” says Kurt Hollowell, CEO, Dog Eat Dog Games. “Stellar combines the best elements of modern and golden age space shooters.”


For more information on Stellar, you can check out the game’s official site. Here’s a trailer and a gallery of screenshots that accompanied today’s announcement.




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