The Seven Deadly Sins of Saints Row IV: Gat Out of Hell With Volition Associate Producer Kate Nelson


It’s no secret that as Pixel Related’s resident Saints Row fan, I am extremely excited about the upcoming expansion to Saints Row IV, Gat Out of Hell. Not only does it make Johnny Gat a playable character for the first time in a Saints Row game, but it sends the Third Street Saints, literally, to Hell. Last week, Pixel Related had a chance to talk with Deep Silver Volition Associate Producer Kate Nelson about the newly announced Seven Deadly Weapons.

Veteran fans of Saints Row know that you have seven weapon slots for your character. This perfectly lined up with having a weapon based off of each of the seven deadly sins.

Nelson said:

“It was kind of like a happy accident for us so it is actually possible to run around with all of them easily accessible.”

In the rifle slot is the sloth based weapon, Armchair A Geddon. This was one of the first weapons the team showed off to players at PAX. When you use it, your character will recline in an armchair that fires off missiles. Not only that, though, but your character will perform idle tasks while in the chair, such as yawn or rattle off some various lines of dialog to play up the sloth element of the weapon.

The SMG slot has the greed based weapon, Diamond Sting.

“In Hell, the currency we use is called the Wages of Sin…so when you use this weapon against enemies, it causes more Wages of Sin to fall from their bodies, so you get more cash as you kill enemies with this weapon.”

Kate informed us that this weapons is extremely beneficial to get early on as the cash you gain from using this gun can be used to upgrade weapons that much faster.

Gluttony is represented in the Special weapon slot by the Last Supper gun. This weapon fires off a spray of frosting that causes nearby enemies to attack whoever is covered in the demonic frosting. It’s sort of like a flame thrower with hellish frosting. It can be especially helpful is you are getting swarmed by enemies and need to create a distraction.

For the melee weapon, the team at Volition seemed to realize that there was nothing quite as cool as a flaming sword, especially in biblical mythos. Uriels Edge is a flaming sword (based on a biblical story of envy) that can be stolen from an Archduke of Hell. However, aside from being a melee weapon, it also can be charged to create a huge explosion that can be used for a ranged attack.

Lust in weaponized form, could have taken many different forms, especially in a Saints Row game, a series notorious for having a giant dildo bat. However, in Gat Out of Hell, lust takes the form of the Boom Chicka shotgun. This shotgun sprays enemies with a lust perfume that puts them under your spell, drawing them nearer to you, in order to deal more damage to them. Not only that, but shooting enemies with this gun will have them, “frolicking” towards you.

“Seeing demons frolicking around is pretty entertaining.”

With wrath, your gun is designed to look like the Ark of the Covenant, and with good reason. The weapons is based on the popularized version of the Ark, specifically the version from Indiana Jones. You can use it by sucking enemy’s souls in through the gun and then firing them out as a long range attack. That attack will branch out and then hit even more enemies.

“Because it is the embodiment of the sin of wrath, we really wanted to make sure that it gave you that impact when you picked it up.”

The final weapon is the pistol slot. Named Gallows Dodger, this weapon embodies pride. After firing off a number of shots, you fill up a rage meter, which can then fire off extremely powerful shots. Not only that, but this might be the first weapon in a Saints Row game that talks. Gallows Dodger specifically talks about all of this past killing exploits, boasting about the number of people it has murdered in the past.

Fans of the weapon upgrading system in Saints Row IV may be somewhat disappointed that these weapons do not have the same kind of upgrades as the normal weapons of Gat Out of Hell. Rather than having special abilities and different designs, these guns have a single design and, though they can be upgraded, these upgrades are almost exclusively meant to upgrade their power and do not add any special abilities. As Kate told us, this was to ensure that these weapons felt special.

“We wanted the weapons to really sing as soon you got them. So for the legendary weapons, what we do is take that unique mechanic that it has and just turn it up.”

It seems like these legendary weapons have had a ton of work put into just their design and hopefully, they’ll another layer of incredibly fun gameplay to Saints Row IV: Gat Out of Hell when it releases on January 20th, 2015.


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