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Saints Row IV: Gat Out of Hell Announces New Release Date and Pre-order Bonuses


Last week, Volition gave us a great opportunity to have a chat with Deep Silver Volition Associate Producer, Kate Nelson to talk about the new Seven Deadly weapons. During our talk, we were informed that both the standalone expansion, Gat Out of Hell, as well as Saints Row IV: Re-Elected (which ports both Saints Row IV and Gat Out of Hell to the PS4 and Xbox One) would be launching a week earlier than anticipated.

Volition and Deep Silver announced some information regarding pre-order bonuses, as well. Players who pre-order Gat Out of Hell will be able to recieve the Devil’s Workshop pack. “Tired of flying on the wings of a fallen angel?  With the Devil’s Workshop Pack you can fly on the purple wings of a Saint instead.  Also included; Yorick, the flaming skull that acts as the source of Shakespeare’s infernal might.  Finally you can wield all of the power of Shakespeare with none of the iambic pentameter: what’s not to love?”

They will also be able to receive the Plague of Frogs Pack.  “Take some mementos from hell with you to virtual Steelport!  Rain amphibian death onto Zinyak’s army with the Lil’ Croaker, and look good doing it wearing either Infernal Guard armor or Hellish Princess costumes.”

Finally, fans looking to see what a demon rubbing their nipples looks like can take a look at the newly released trailer for Gat Out of Hell.


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