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‘Mass Effect 4’ Survey Posted By Bioware


Bioware has posted a new survey regarding Mass Effect 4 asking fans of the franchise which aspects of the series they should focus on for the newest installment.

The link to the survey was posted yesterday via Twitter by Mass Effect producer Michael Gamble.

The survey starts off with the following statement:

Thank you in advance for answering the questions in our survey. We will be asking you questions that will help the designers as they look forward toward putting together the next Mass Effect game. We will be asking you about the types of games that you play, what you look forward to in Mass Effect games, and your involvement in fan community activities.

One question asks what aspects of a new Mass Effect game are you most looking forward to – story, exploration, combat or customization? Another asks you to list the top three activities that are most important to you as an RPG player.

If you’re a fan of Mass Effect, you should definitely give Bioware some feedback. The survey is short and should only take a few minutes out of your day.

There is no official release information on Mass Effect 4 at this time.


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