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Knightmare Tower Review: Bouncy Castle


When mobile titles have been ported to services like Steam or Xbox Live Arcade, they’ve often times suffered from improper pricing. The most egregious example is probably Angry Birds launching for a near full-retail price on consoles, yet many others have suffered from improper pricing. So, hearing that a game has been ported from a flash game, to a full sized mobile/OUYA game and that version has been ported back onto PCs through Steam, you might expect the game to be too pricey or not be as much fun. Thankfully, Knightmare Tower is just as fun on Steam as it is on mobile devices and it’s price isn’t terrible either.

Knightmare Tower see’s you playing as a knight, tasked with rescuing a number of princesses from a tower. You do this by hopping on the heads of enemies, propelling yourself up the tower. As you get higher in the tower, enemies become tougher and you need to move faster to not drown in lava.


Knightmare Tower still does feel, in large part, like a mobile game. Each run through the game will earn you coins so that you can incrementally improve your character. There are three quests that you need to try to complete in each run, similar to the ones found in games like Punch Quest. That said, using a controller on Steam to control your character feels substantially better than using the tilt controls on your phone.

Bouncing off the heads of enemies is decently fun, but once you reach the top of the tower you’ll encounter one of the game’s biggest issues. There’s a single boss enemy in the game and they are incredibly difficult. In fact, they’re so difficult that the best way to beat them is to glitch the game so that you don’t take any damage.


This is one of the other issues the PC port has. There are a number of bugs throughout that can make it extremely frustrating to play though. Aside from the glitch where you won’t take damage, there’s issues with tracking your quests where you’ll not perform the actions you need to do, but you’ll still complete the tasks. It’s certainly a problematic port to a certain degree.

However, the biggest thing that Knightmare Tower has going for it is its price. It should be said that the mobile version is free-to-play, but limits what you can do. In order to upgrade your character fully, you need to unlock the game for $2.99. The PC version only costs $3.99 which feels appropriately priced for the couple of hours worth of content you’ll get from it.


Knightmare Tower is a decently fun game, but it does have a few problems. There’s a steep difficulty curve at the end and the game has a number of glitches. However, those issues can almost be looked past due to the very low price of the game. It’s one of the rare instances where a mobile game is priced appropriately when it’s ported and that’s an extremely nice thing to see.

SCORE: 7.5 out of 10

A code for Knightmare Castle was provided for review to Pixel Related.


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