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Kill the Bad Guy Review: Can You Guess What You Do?


Have you ever seen someone who’s done terrible things get off scot-free? What if you have the chance to get back at them for every unpunished crime? It sounds morbid but in the world of Kill the Bad Guy, it’s just a normal day of work.

The plot of Kill the Bad Guy is simple. You work for an organization of assassin’s, bent on killing “bad guys.” These can be anyone from killers, hackers or just jerk-ish people. However, you not only need to kill these people, but you need to make sure that no one actually see’s the murder occur, otherwise your organization will be revealed.


The game gives you a short description of each of your targets and why you should want to kill them. There are usually somewhat funny. That said, there are a couple that could be considered somewhat mean spirited or downright offensive to some.

There are around 60 levels in Kill the Bad Guy. that task you with killing a bad guy. Each level is, essentially, a puzzle. The bad guy will walk around parts of a city and you need to rig the environment to create traps in order to kill them. Some of the more simple puzzles will have you rigging a car to run into an enemy. Other times, however, you’ll need to rig environmental traps like bombs or cause pianos to fall on enemies off of rooftops.


There’s certainly a morbid fascination in figuring out how exactly to kill enemies. You have to find their exact path and try to lead them to their deaths. It’s fun for a little while. However, that fun can easily turn into frustration when you are, basically, banging your head against a will in order to figure out a puzzle.

Besides just having to kill enemies, you also need to ensure that you are not seen by anyone or ensure that camera’s don’t spot you. The frustration here, though, is that other people can be somewhat random in their movements. Sometimes, just as you’re about to have a perfect kill, you find yourself being spotted.


Another major annoyance with Kill the Bad Guy is how you can’t set traps when the game is paused. You can pause the game in order to get a full view of the game’s environment, but you can’t do anything while it’s paused. So, any time you want to set a trap, people will be moving, meaning you can be spotted at any given point when you are setting traps. While it’s understandable to ensure that the game is difficult, it’s an annoyance that could have made the game substantially easier, especially near the end.

Kill the Bad Guy does, however, feel very out of place as a PC game. Everything feels like it should be played using touch controls on an iPad. In fact, the game would probably work substantially better with those controls. There’s something that just feels out of place with this game being a $15 full Steam release.


Kill the Bad Guy is a weirdly enjoyable game. It’s incredibly morbid, but its brutal difficulty can become incredibly annoying, especially when there are some simple things that could make the game easier. You might want to wait for a sale or for an iPad version because the game feels like it belongs either with a lower price or with touch controls.

SCORE: 7.0 out of 10

A code for Kill the Bad Guy was provided to Pixel Related for review.


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