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The Walking Dead Season 2: Episode 2 Review: United We Stand, Divided We Fall

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The second season of The Walking Dead has already begun to take on its own identity from the first season due to the change of the main character. Episode 2, A House Divided, continues the tale of Clementine as she tries to find her way in the zombie apocalypse. Clem continues to grow as a survivalist, showing that both her skill and courage outpace her young age and we also start to learn more about the new group that she has found herself aligned with. It all shows that The Walking Dead game still has plenty more surprises to give us and plenty more mysteries to uncover.

This far into the series, talking about any story specifics is obviously not possible. But at this point, the story is moving along well with the overall plot for the second season becoming clearer. There are tons of new characters and situations to deal with but events from the past season still crop up. This makes your old decisions still feel important; a good reminder that you’ve been involved in this series for a good while.


As with every episode of The Walking Dead , choice is still the main thing. With the series’ decision to have no character be safe from death, either by walker or fellow human, there are several points in the episode where people’s lives depend on Clementine’s choices. These choices also tend to be brutal, easily making you stress over what the best option is.

What A House Divided does best, though, is how it actually tells its story. Playing as an eleven year old girl immediately puts you at a disadvantage in many situations and The Walking Dead does not hesitate to put you into incredibly tense moments. What makes the episode so much fun is getting Clementine through the hardships and watching her throw away the stereotype of a scared little girl. Instead, she proves that she can hang with the adults in almost every situation.


The Walking Dead continues to be an excellent series and the change to make Clementine the main character has not slowed Telltale Games down at all. A House Divided shows that they still have an excellent grasp on what makes a great interactive story with unique characters, plenty of surprises and involving choices that make your story your own. The only real downside is the length of time between episodes. Hopefully we don’t have to wait another three months until Episode 3.

SCORE: 9.5 out of 10

A code for The Walking Dead Season 2 was provided to Pixel Related for review.

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