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‘Dark Matter’ Coming To Steam Mid-October, New Screenshots To Celebrate


Iceberg Interactive revealed today that its 2.5D survival platformer Dark Matter will  be coming to PC, OS X and Linux on Steam and in Western European retail mid-October.

Developed by InterWave Studios, Dark Matter takes place on a derelict spaceship “with a heavy emphasis on hard-hitting tactical combat.” Players must decide when to use the environment to prevent an unknown alien species from tearing them apart or when to use upgradable weapons to stay alive.

“After Nuclear Dawn, we dedicated ourselves to a more personal project, a revival of the Metroidvania canon, but with an InterWave twist,” said Michiel Beenen, CEO at InterWave Studios. “Dark Matter is a fantastic convergence of passion and technology, a dark world to explore, a great new story to discover. We are excited to bring it to a worldwide audience thanks to Iceberg’s great work.”

To learn more about Dark Matter, you can visit darkmatterthegame.com .

Check out our gallery of the latest screenshots for the game below.


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