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Apparently Pro Racecar Driver Brad Keselowski Is In ‘Watch Dogs’


Ubisoft has announced that professional stock car driver and team owner, Brad Keselowski, will be featured as a non-playable character in Watch Dogs. He will be featured as one of the many in-game citizens roaming the streets of Chicago that players will be able to profile.

I’m not exactly why this is a thing but apparently it is. Earlier this year, Ubisoft announced that actress and comedian Aisha Tyler will also be a non-playable character in the game. That makes some sort of sense since Tyler hosted the last two E3 Press Conferences held by Ubisoft. I can’t really think of any type of connection between Keselowski and Ubisoft though . So, if you ever wanted to interact with a virtual Keselowski, yay for you…..right?!? I give up.

Watch Dogs will be available on both next-generation and current generation platforms this November.

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