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Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches DLC Review: Double, Double Toil and Murder


Its time to return once again to the rotting city of Dunwall with the release of The Brigmore Witches DLC for the 2012 hit Dishonored. The conclusion to the tale of master assassin Daud sees him taking on the titular Brigmore Witches, led by the mysterious and sinister Delilah. As teased in the previous DLC, The Knife of Dunwall, you’ll find yourself uncovering a dangerous plot and working to keep yourself ahead of a women who seems to be able to foresee your every move.

The Brigmore Witches doesn’t change the formula too much from the previous Daud-focused DLC. You have several lengthy, multi-tiered levels to conquer with the same glorious gameplay freedom of the original Dishonored. Tackle levels stealthy or noisy; take out enemies lethally or simply knock them out. The choice is yours. You have the same setup as before: you can do some pre-mission planning via unlockable Favors and upgrades and fellow assassins will accompany you and feed you information as you progress.

While combat is still fun, including a fun new power, Pull, to play with, the bread and butter of Dishonored is still being stealthy. All of Daud’s abilities and equipment tag along for Brigmore Witches – you can even import your Knife of Dunwall save to keep the same story choices and upgrades you had – but there are also some new toys. The aforementioned Pull ability allows you to grab objects, or enemies, letting you easily obtain hard to reach items or snatch up bad guys for a quick kill. The other new additions are variations on new items from The Knife of Dunwall such as a stun versions of the Arc Mine and Chokedust that simply confuses enemies. You’ll also be able to find new Corrupted Bone Charms, which have powerful boosts but also negative side effects.


While this new DLC doesn’t add much in the way of abilities and gadgets, it does mix things up with interesting, fresh gameplay. Levels will provide unique situations to figure out and the eventual confrontation with the Brigmore Witches leads to traps and gameplay unlike anything else found within Dishonored. Where Knife of Dunwall provided more levels with the same great gameplay, Brigmore Witches actually brings several new ideas to the table, which is quite welcome.

Besides the simple ability to play more great Dishonored content, the other main reason for the DLC is to continue Daud’s story. Just like the Outsider hinted at, Delilah and Daud are both linked to the fate of Dunwall and playing the assassin’s story to completion gives a great second point of view opposite of Corvo’s journey. It is especially interesting how the two storylines are laid against each other, as Brigmore Witches is filled with direct references to Corvo’s progress in saving Emily and restoring her to the throne. Hearing this from Daud’s perspective is fun, especially since he is off pursuing a threat just as dangerous to Dunwall as the Grand Regent’s reign. Of course, in true Dishonored fashion, how Daud’s story ends up depends entirely on your play style and choices throughout the DLC.

If you played The Knife of Dunwall then this DLC is a no brainer. If you enjoyed the original game but haven’t jumped into the DLC, picking up both packs – which will run you $10 each – will provide you with essentially an entirely new game to play through with about five hours of content to enjoy for each pack. Of course that’s only one playthrough and Dishonored excels with providing great replay value; both to try out different tactics as well as to make different choices.


The Brigmore Witches is the final piece of DLC for Dishonored and it’s a fitting send off for the game. The DLC brings interesting ideas to the gameplay and provides a nice end to Daud’s tale. Sure, it doesn’t drastically change the way you play the game but it definitely shows that Arkane Studios has more tricks left up their sleeves for the now-inevitable sequel. Any fan of Dishonored owes it to themselves to play this DLC as it only improves on an already great game.

SCORE: 9.0 out of 10

A code of The Brigmore Witches DLC was provided to Pixel Related for review.

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