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‘Capcom Arcade Cabinet All-In-One Pack’ Now Available

Today Capcom has released the Capcom Arcade Cabinet All-In-One Pack featuring all of the 15 games previously released on the Capcom Arcade Cabinet platform plus the two bonus titles. The All in One Pack is available for $29.99 from the Playstation Store and on the XBLA Marketplace, a savings of over $15 from purchasing all five game packs separately.

The 17 titles included in the All-in-One Pack are:

  • Black Tiger
  • Avengers
  • 1943: The Battle of Midway
  • Ghosts n Goblins
  • Gun.Smoke
  • Section Z
  • Side Arms
  • Legendary Wings
  • Trojan
  • Commando
  • The Speed Rumbler
  • Exed Exes (Savage Bees)
  • 1942
  • SonSon
  • Pirate Ship Higemaru
  • 1943 Kai
  • Vulgus

Check out the launch trailer at the top of the post.


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