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The Chickbusters Collide!


In the same vein as Wrestlemania V’s Mega Powers Collide, Wrestlemania XXIX is featuring WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn vs her former Chickbusters cohort AJ Lee. To my recollection, the duo never had a match after their infamous falling out in 2012. Now, with one as the Divas Champion, and the other who spent most of 2012 in the main spotlight, WWE is finally giving us the match we should have had a year ago.

After a couple of months of showing promos and interview segments where Layla El is hypnotized by the Divas title, and stares at it with a twinkle in her eye, everyone automatically assumed that it was going to be her challenging Kaitlyn for the gold at Wrestlemania. The powers that be, however, decided to go another way. It all made sense, AJ Lee is the former Monday Night Raw general manager who was in a relationship with Daniel Bryan during his championship run. When things got abusive, AJ took her anger out on her best friend Kaitlyn. The two have obvious beef. A lot of people are saying WWE is just pulling this match out of nowhere, especially after having not so subtle drops of Layla drooling over the Divas Championship on camera.


Is this the right match for Wrestlemania? Setting aside the dropped Layla storyline, I think this is the match that Wrestlemania XXIX needed. In an age where Gail Kim, Beth Phoenix, Melina, Kelly Kelly, Michelle McCool, Eve Torres, Maryse, and Kharma are no longer on the roster, this is the best match with a ready made storyline that you could put on your biggest card of the year. This is the match we’ve yet to see. Kaitlyn vs Tamina has been done to death. At this point it’s way too late to start a feud between Kaitlyn and someone fresh like Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes, or even the very talented Naomi Knight.

It’s a story that needs a conclusion. Kaitlyn tells AJ to leave the abusive Daniel Bryan, she turns on her, smacks her around, and then proceeds to eventually get dismissed by Bryan following the 18-second fiasco. Kaitlyn struggles on her own while AJ ascends the ranks of the WWE, eventually becoming Raw general manager after leaving Bryan at the altar. AJ is in the main storyline every week, first with John Cena and Vickie Guerrero, and then ending up with Dolph Ziggler, the Money in the Bank man. Poor Kaitlyn is stuck in a dead end feud with Eve Torres, who only gets out of it because Eve quit the WWE. Now with the championship belt, Kaitlyn has finally earned her stripes enough to rekindle an old feud with her former best friend who turned her back on her when she was only trying to help.


I, for one, enjoyed The Chickbusters. They were a fresh duo that consisted of a couple of women I enjoyed watching in the ring. They were way more interesting than The Dudebusters. Seeing these two finally square off in the middle of the ring for the WWE Divas Championship makes me a proud fan. It shows that they’ve both made it. They are two real life best friends who went from FCW to NXT, and are now on top of the world in the WWE, getting ready to make history at Wrestlemania. They are no Hogan and Savage, but Kaitlyn and AJ Lee are one collision I don’t mind seeing.

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