Announcing Pixel Related’s Editorial Partnership With Raptr


Maybe you have heard of Raptr. If you haven’t, Raptr is a fantastic game time tracking tool which allows you easily find out how long you and your friends have been playing games. It’s a tool that I’ve used for a number of years and their community only seems to be getting larger. Plus, the site has begun to give away rewards for playing games.

Well friends, we’re proud to announce that Pixel Related is partnering with Raptr. We now have an official Pixel Related community on Raptr. What that means is that you’ll easily be able to find more our content through their website, giving us more exposure. If you see something from Pixel Related that you like, you can easily post it to Raptr. Simply tag it with “Pixel Related” and it will give us more exposure to the world. Like sites such as Reddit, you can even up-vote the stories so they gain even more attention.

Simply click here or on the Raptr image on the left hand side to check it out! It’s a fantastic partnership and we’re glad that Raptr approached us about it and, speaking personally, it’s a fantastic service.

Hopefully, we can make 2013 an even better year for Pixel Related. This is just the start!


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