2012 Game of The Year Awards

2012 GOTY Awards: Best Mobile or Handheld Game

Here’s the scenario: You’re on a bus waiting to go to work, but you want to play something while you’re waiting. Thankfully, due to all of the different mobile and handheld games released this last year, there are plenty of fantastic games to keep you occupied.

Runners Up:


Gravity Rush (by Gustavo Ramirez) – The ability to manipulate gravity is such a “gamey” idea that I’m surprised more games haven’t used it as a core gameplay mechanic. By combining this mechanic with a funny, interesting character like Kat, Gravity Rush proves to be one of the Vita’s must-play games.


Resident Evil: Revelations (by Gustavo Ramirez) With the release of two really bad Resident Evil games this year, it might be easy to forget that a really good portable one came out this year as well. Resident Evil: Revelations blended the action-oriented direction the franchise has been moving in with slow-paced survival horror that the first games in the series were known for. Anybody with a 3DS should give this game a try.


The World Ends With You Solo Remix (by Kyle Orr) – This beloved DS title found its way to iOS this year with refined touch controls, HD graphics, more music and tweaked combat. It might be a little pricey for a world filled with $.99 games but to get such a lengthy, complex RPG on such devices is an incredible feat and something that we don’t see often.


Super Hexagon (by Addam Kearney) – Super Hexagon from Terry Cavanaugh is the sort of game where each play-through will only last a few seconds, but each run will be as fun as the last. The puzzle music game hybdrid requires fast fingers in order to survive but doing so might be one of the most satisfying experiences on a mobile phone. I may never reach Hyper Hexagonist difficulty, but that’s just fine with me.



Paper Mario: Sticker Star (by Gustavo Ramirez) – Paper Mario is back and the new sticker system for battles is just what the franchise needed to freshen up the combat. Stickers are scattered throughout the world of papery forests and mountains but you must use them wisely. While it’s unlikely you’ll run out, a few mistake filled battles can leave you on the need for me. The puzzles in the game are great and the writing is top-notch as usual for the series. But most importantly, Sticker Star is just oozing with charm. Its a sweet, feel-good adventure that every 3DS owner should take.

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