2012 Game of The Year Awards

2012 GOTY Awards: Biggest Disappointment

Sometimes you can be extremely excited about something in the games industry that it blinds you to the possibility of disappointment. When this happens, the disappointment can be crushing, making you rethink your outlook to the future.

Runners Up:


Assassin’s Creed 3’s Ending (by Addam Kearney) – What is the climactic finale that has been building up over five games? Essentially, two aliens talking to each other and then one alien leaving a room.


Silent Hill HD Collection (by Addam Kearney) – Silent Hill 2 and 3 are considered to be the best survival horror games ever created. Sadly, Konami’s “Remastering” of these games are flat out broken, leaving both fans and newcomers feeling like they’ve been cheated.


Resident Evil 6 (by Patrick Cassin) – How could Capcom screw up a Resident Evil game? Of course I’ll buy it on day one. Wait a second. Why do these zombies have guns? Why are they jumping on the ceiling with guns!? I hate my life.

Curt Schilling

38 Studios Shutting Down (by Kyle Orr) – Kingdoms of Amalur was such a fun title with a universe that looked it would have a bright future with some refinement in sequels. Mismanagement and too many resources laid into a failed MMO, 38 Studios’ closure is one of the most saddening developments of the year.



Mass Effect 3’s Ending (by Kyle Orr) The fiasco that surrounds Mass Effect 3’s ending will forever leave a mark of shame on the trilogy. Heading into the culmination of Commander Shepard’s story, gamers were promised many things by Bioware. We were told that all of our choices over the entire trilogy would come to a head as the civilized races of the galaxy faced off in one final push against the genocidal Reapers. Instead these choices were translate into a simple point system, with your ending instead decided by a single, final decision. Worse still is that these three endings are barely different than each other. The biggest problem, however, is the introduction of new story elements in the final five minutes that leaves us with many more questions instead of answers, including many things that simply make no sense given the universe that Bioware has crafted of the past five years. It’s just terrible.

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