‘Resident Evil: Revelations’ Coming To Consoles?

There were three Resident Evil titles released this year and only one was really worth playing. But the one worth playing, Resident Evil: Revelations, was only released on the Nintendo 3DS so most gamers missed out on it.

Well, there is a new rumor going around that Revelations is making its way onto the PS3 and Xbox 360 soon. As spotted by NeoGAF, the Korean Ratings Board has two separate entries for the game listing it as appearing on Microsoft and Sony’s consoles.

Hopefully this rumor is legit and more gamers can try to get Resident Evil 6 and Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City out of their mind. Revelations did a fantastic job of balancing the old-school survival horror roots of the franchise with the series’ recent action-oriented direction.

via IGN

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