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‘Minecraft’ Inspired FPS ‘Ace of Spades’ Announced

Europe’s largest independent games studio, Jagex, today formally unveiled details of its previously unannounced shooter, Ace of Spades. The first person shooter that combines Minecraft’s pixelated art with competitive, team-based multiplayer FPS gunplay is set to release this December on Steam.

“If you’re tired of the same old first person shooters, coming out year after year with a fresh lick of paint and a hefty price tag, then Ace of Spades will tick all the boxes for you, offering an all action multiplayer featuring up to 32 player FPS combat and a fully customisable environment which will continuously develop throughout your battle,” said Jagex CMO David Solari.

“Despite keeping this game under the radar during development, it has still proved to be hugely viral with more than two and half a million players entering the prototype phase. Ace of Spades is set to take FPS to the next level, adding evolving tactics and strategy to twitch FPS gameplay. We have blended the artistic style of voxel-based sandbox games, such as Minecraft, with the class based combat of titles like Team Fortress, and added an extra dimension with real-time evolving battlefields to create a game which we firmly believe will appeal to FPS gamers looking for a bigger challenge.”

Ace of Spades will reportedly give players the freedom to construct anything from simple bunkers to elaborate fortresses and tunnel networks. Players will be able to build fortifications, coordinate assaults and stealth and strategy tactics in their attempt to achieve  one of a variety of set objectives. Or they can “design their own bespoke games and objectives to obliterate the enemy from the map.”

Here are the first set of screenshots released for the game.


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