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‘Battlefield 3: Aftermath’ Premiere Trailer

Today we get the first official trailer and some release info for the latest expansion to Battlefield 3 titled Aftermath.

The expansion adds four new maps, three new vehicles, ten new assignments, ten new dog tags, and five new achievements/trophies. There will also be a new mode called Scavenger. Scavenger Mode is a variation of Conquest Mode where you play as a soldier only armed with a pistol who is forced to scavenge through rubble and debris for weapons in a devastated Tehran post earthquake.

Aftermath will cost $14.99 [1200 Microsoft Points] or will be available for FREE to Battlefield Premium Members as well as for those who purchased the Premium Edition of Battlefield 3 at retail. The release schedule is as follows:

  • PlayStation 3 Premium members: November 27
  • Xbox 360 and PC Premium members: December 4
  • PlayStation 3 players: December 11
  • Xbox 360 and PC players: December 18

Check out the trailer below and let us know in the comments if this expansion will help you return to the battlefield later this year.

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