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Review: Mass Effect 3 Leviathan DLC

Mass Effect 3 has seen its share of multiplayer DLC packs [not to mention the whole ‘let’s change the ending a bit because people complained’ DLC] but hasn’t had any paid single-player DLC since From Ashes released on launch day. This week Bioware is hoping to reel us back into the game by releasing the Leviathan DLC Pack. If you’re a Mass Effect fan, you probably completed the game when it was originally released and maybe even when the Extended Cut DLC came out in the summer. So you’re probably wondering if Leviathan is worth hopping back on board the Normandy. To put it plainly: yes, yes it is.

The premise of Leviathan can be summed up in one sentence: The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Since the story of Shepard has been told at this point, Leviathan takes place mid-game during the recruitment of forces to take on the Reapers. Shepard heads to the Citadel to investigate claims that a scientist has information on the Leviathan, a creature strong enough to have destroyed a Reaper all on its own.

For $10, Leviathan offers more than just two to three hours of gameplay. The new information it provides to help clear up one of the more critical and out of left field moments from the ending is something that every Mass Effect fan should know. But for the answers it provides, it did bring up more questions. Of course to stay spoiler free, we can’t go into more detail about that.

Leviathan takes place over six missions, structurally similar to the Shadow Broker Lair DLC from Mass Effect 2. The early missions focus on information collection and detective work. Later missions focus more on combat and the very last mission contains one of the hardest encounters in the entire game. It’s not quite end-of-game difficult but it is certainly stepped up a notch from other mid-game content. But fortunately the combat in Leviathan is quite varied and includes many forms of enemies. And yes, Banshees are still a pain in the rear.

Leviathan also adds some material bonuses. You’ll find a few mods for weapons in Shepard’s arsenal as well as two new weapons the AT-12 Raider shotgun and M-55 Argus Assault Rifle both of which were only available as pre-order incentives. An omni-blade attachment for assault rifles is also available which increases melee damage. You also obtain the Dominate power and can train Shepard to use it. The Dominate power causes enemies to turn against each other temporarily. It’s basically the organic version of the Sabotage power used by tech specialists. You can assign it in the med-bay once the DLC is complete.

While not as good as the Shadow Broker Lair DLC and Overlord DLC from Mass Effect 2Leviathan is a great addition to Mass Effect 3.  In fact, I wish it was included on-disc when the game launched. Just like From AshesLeviathan expands on some of the more interesting and critical parts of Mass Effect’s story. Add that with some loot and combat variety, and you have a must buy for Mass Effect fans.

Final Score: 8 out of 10

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